At GreenLife Organic Bistro, we believe that well-being begins with the food we consume; where it comes from, and how it’s prepared. Our menu is crafted by using ingredients free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, hormones, and anything that doesn’t belong in our food much less in our bodies.

We found ways to create a nourishing menu which follows these key principles where people can indulge without hindering their enjoyment of food. The result is GreenLife Organic Bistro, a one of a kind, an organic bistro that serves a variety of options that are Simple, Healthy, and Organic. It tastes good and it feels good.

Product – 90% of our products are organic, seasonal or locally sourced. Proteins are all natural, antibiotic free, hormone free. We receive daily shipments of our products in order to offer fresh ingredients.

Environment – Our Eco-ware is made with potato starch and plates from sugar cane bagasse making them recyclable and compostable. We didn’t stop there, our furniture is either reclaimed, recycled or donated from local job sites.

People – We are health conscious and wellness-focused individuals who understand the importance of avoiding genetically modified foods and unnecessary ingredients.